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Avatar Andrew Walding
Earning Badges!
par Andrew Walding, Friday 16 June 2017, 08:00

Did you know that every time you complete a course here at the school, you earn a badge? 

Well, if you didn't, you can check it out by doing the following:

  • Hover your pointer on your name at the top right of the screen.
  • From the drop down menu select badges!

You will be taken to a page that displays ...

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Avatar Andrew Walding
Welcome Fellow Network Scientists!
par Andrew Walding, Saturday 6 May 2017, 14:34
Sharing knowledge is the greatest of all callings. There's nothing like it in the land.
Satire on the Trades


The On-Line School of Network Sciences is your online resource for learning a large variety of ...

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Avatar Andrew Walding
Learners! Please upload your picture!
par Andrew Walding, Saturday 28 January 2017, 08:19

The instructors [and other students] would like to see your picture!!!

It's so simple and takes less than 30 seconds!

Click on Your username (top right)>  Edit profile> then scroll to the Edit Your Picture area and upload a pic! 

You can add other information about yourself there as well.