Our Complete List of Consultants, Faculty, Course Descriptions and Outlines

1. Welcome to Our Courses

This booklet contains all the courses we offer providing the following details for each course:

  • Course Type/Length/Size - the options here are:
    • Online Only - meaning the course is a self-paced, video lecture and lab exercise based course
    • Web-Based Instructor Led - meaning that the course is taught over the web via tools like Webex, HP Rooms, or similar web meeting/training programs
    • Classroom-Based Instructor Led - meaning the more traditional model of training where our instructors teach in a classroom environment, though we will use the online school for distribution of materials and lab exercises.
  • Course Description
  • Course Objectives
  • Target Audience
  • Course Pre-Requisites
  • Course Materials
  • Related Content
  • Course Outline

The Booklet groups the courses by our Course Categories.

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