Our Complete List of Courses, Faculty, Course Descriptions and Outlines

1. Welcome to Our Courses - An Introduction

Course Catalog

Welcome to the Online School of Network Sciences Course Catalog.

This catalog contains all the courses we offer, our faculty, and other important information.  Looking specifically at the courses in this catalog, we will provide the following details for each course:

  • Course Type/Length/Size - the options here are:
    • Online Only - meaning the course is a self-paced, video lecture and lab exercise based course
    • Web-Based Instructor Led - meaning that the course is taught over the web via tools like Webex, HP Rooms, or similar web meeting/training programs
    • Classroom-Based Instructor Led - meaning the more traditional model of training where our instructors teach in a classroom environment, though we will use the online school for distribution of materials and lab exercises.
  • Course Description
  • Course Objectives
  • Target Audience
  • Course Pre-Requisites
  • Course Materials
  • Related Content
  • Course Outline

The Catalog groups the courses by our Course Categories.

To explore the courses, you will find a navigation block/list on the right ----------------->

Simply click on any course in the list to view the details of that course.

You will find certain terms highlighted (such and TCP or MPLS) throughout the catalog.  The reason we do this is these acronyms can be confusing to many and the terms are linked to our Glossary.  Just hover and click on the term and we will define the term for you!

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