Our Learning Platform

About the On-Line School of Network Sciences

The On-Line School of Network Sciences is a network technology skills and knowledge building program for the worldwide Telecommunications service providers, equipment manufacturers, and individuals. Thousands of students have taken courses with us since 1998.  Check out our article on Designing Courses for Online Web Based Learning.

Our Learning Platform and its Features

We use the best learning and course delivery/development platform in the world: Moodle.  You can discover the world of Moodle at www.moodle.org

Moodle is used by universities and corporations worldwide.  Moodle integrates so many tools that allows our course instructors and designers to not just leverage the Internet for course delivery, but maximize the learning experience for our learners.

Moodle is free software, that we support both financially and as a member of the Moodle community. 

Moodle allows us to:

  • Create and manage courses online, add students and instructors, monitor their success, and customize their experience
  • Enhance instruction and customize courses by embedding content from social media channels
  • Deepen the learner immersion with classroom management with discussion boards, multimedia chat, alerts, notifications, blogs, and more
  • Manage the success of learner progress and navigation with dashboards and reporting
  • Integrate knowledge acquisition with hands on experimentation to deepen skill and retention

As our learners and instructors have attested, we hope you also find our learning platform to be a world class learning experience.

We are a proud member of the Moodle Users Association:


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