Network Science Certification Programs

Welcome to the Network Science (NetSci) Certification programs!  

We offer two programs: One for technical staff (Field Operations, Outside Plant, CO), and one for front line customer representatives (CSR's).

These are independent certification programs.  

Individuals can pursue certification, and companies can provide certification access for their employees.  To find out more details about the programs, click here.

To register for this program you will first create a user at this site (click the Login button on to right, and then Create a New User).  The you will either use Paypal or you need to contact your program administrator for the enrollment keys.

If you are a new student/learner and need to know how to use this program, click here.

The NetSci Certification Tracks are composed of the Initial Network Skills Assessment (INSA) tests followed by a curriculum for each of the three tracks:

  • Level 1 - Network Fundamentals Track
  • Level 2 - Intermediate Networking Track
  • Level 3 - Advanced Networking Track

Successfully passing all the INSA tests associated with Packet and Wireless competencies in each of these tracks will earn the student a Certification.  Each area has more detail on content.

If you do not pass the INSA tests, you can then take online courses within each level and re-take that specific test.

You can find the INSA tests at the bottom of this page.

This is the Level 1 -  Network Fundamentals INSA Tests - you must take these tests prior to taking any of the Level 1 courses.