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We provide a series of references and resource information here.  

It starts with our Network Science Fundamental Operations Reference book.  Here you can find out how basic data communications works.  And there is a ton more.  

Enjoy! smile

This is a reference book for everyone who practices Network Sciences and all students here.  It is available to everyone here, and contains topic specific examples of network operations such as ARP, DHCP, DNS and more.  

Curious or forget how a network fundamental operation works?  Consider this your reference.

Tool BeltEvery IT/Network Scientist needs a set of tools - a tool belt - to help them set up, manage, and troubleshoot todays complex network systems.  

Preferably the tool belt comes at zero or little cost, or maybe it is open source.  

Each section in this reference lists a different tool with key information about the tool.  

What would you add? Let us know in the comments!

As the Internet has grown and evolved, its library of content has grown exponentially.  The problem is to limit context and applicability.  Hence the development of our own video library focused on Network Sciences.  Within this section of our Reference Library you will find a host of categorically arranged videos and references.  We encourage you to browse, watch, and learn.

This free and brief course will illustrate how to set up mininet on your computer/server so you can begin learning SDN concepts and protocols.  It contains an excellent set of video demonstrations.

This free and brief course and set of reference materials will instruct you how to set up and configure GNS3 on your computer/server.  This network emulation tool is great for studying and learning network sciences and protocols.

Check out how to set up and use OpenStack Neutron for network creation, learning and testing.

This free course is a collection of Tech Tips and "How To" procedures for Cisco IOS and IOX.  Simply log in as a quest to access the contents of this "train yourself - train others" course.  

This reference describes what Ansible is and how it can be used for network/datacenter configuration from templates.

This course contains a collection of Wireshark Tips from the great folks at HakTips.  We hope you enjoy these basic Wireshark Videos, and thanks to the Hak5 team for creating these short overviews.  Enjoy!

This course contains a collection of Wi-Fi Tips from the great folks at HakTips.  We hope you enjoy these basic wireless Wi-Fi Videos, and thanks to the Hak5 team for creating these short overviews.  Enjoy!

Using the Internet as a digital learning tool is essential to anyone in Networking Sciences today.  As our course attendees know, we try to keep our video learning segments to around 20 minutes or less.  TED Talks have a similar requirement.  Plus these talks are a great way to learn new things.  This course contains our favorite TED Talks, and we encourage you to watch them as well.