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[You can learn more about GNS3 and mininet in our Reference Library.]


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Understanding the basics of the rapidly evolving Telecommunications Networks is important to Service Provider new hires, technical and customer service employees.  This one day Telecom 101 course  explains and demystifies the terms used, and the technologies, functions and components that make up the complex world of the voice and data telecommunications networks.  So much has happened historically, the buzz words and three letter acronyms that the experienced take for granted can be overwhelming.  

From Plain Old Telephone Service, to the Internet, to the regulatory environment, this course provides a complete survey and reference for the terms, the network equipment functions, and the components that make up the complex world of voice and data telecommunications.

Course Description and Outline.pdfCourse Description and Outline.pdf

This is a free and open SDN course originally from Georgia Tech.  We have assembled the lectures of the course here for our Network Scientists and added our own quizzes and assignments.  This course introduces software defined networking, an emerging paradigm in computer networking that allows a logically centralized software program to control the behavior of an entire network.  

Look here for some great reference information on Telephone Switching.
All Network Science Students have unlimited access and Guest Access is allowed.

Learn how the basics of SS7 operations, how SS7 is the way 800 numbers work and how calls are processed in today's intelligent network Signal Transfer Points (STP's) and Signal Control Points (SCP's).
This tutorial is open to all NetSci students and Guests!