Network Science Certification Program Information

This booklet contains the Network Science Certification Program information.

Student Reviews of the Certification Programs - What Others are Saying

Student Comments on the CSR Certification:

"I like how the course is in sections so you're not overloaded with a ton of information all at once."

"I like how he has lots of graphics to help explain what [the instructor is] talking about"

"I like how I can go back and review the material."

"You did a great job and i have learned so much! Thank you!"

Student Comments on the FSR / CO Tech Certification:

"Superb program with a great blend of Wired and Wireless skills and knowledge.  Could not get this anywhere else."

"I like that this is all online.  The videos are short and it gives me lots of flexibility"

"Excellent quality and knowledge gain.  Better and more useful than other certification programs."

"The Wireless 101 course was very good. Avril Salter, the instructor, was easy to understand and moved through the material at a comfortable pace. She used good analogies to help understand the information and emphasized the important facts to remember at the end of each section. I also found the smaller video segments helped with holding my attention as opposed to one long video with no breaks."

"All in all, the website was easy to use. I had no trouble setting up a new account on the site and navigation was simple. Compared to other online training sites that I've used in the past, this one was great."

"This morning I finished the "Mobile Networks" course.  I do not recall my beginning score but it was not passing and I want to say was fairly low.  After completing the course I passed the review with a  score of 93.75.  I found the course to be very informative.  The woman spoke slowly and was easy to understand.  I'm not sure what the expected level of knowledge is for the participant taking this specific course but I found that occasionally acronyms were used but were never defined.  Other acronyms would be used and later defined in two or three modules but it would have been helpful to know the first time they were used what they meant.  It was helpful that the instructor drew on the slides as she spoke to further demonstrate the point she was trying to make.  She even pointed out that one module was important to the overall understanding of the course and recommended it be watched several times to ensure the information was absorbed and that there would be a much smaller chance of getting lost in later modules.  I did take her advice and watched that module three times taking additional notes each time.  It was easy to follow along and note any additional things I needed by being provided the ability to print the course and see the slides as she went through them.  Overall, I thought this was a well done course and my score increase was solely due to the modules." [we would add that there is an online Glossary for all acronyms easily accessible on the top menu]