Our Complete List of Courses, Faculty, Course Descriptions and Outlines

Think of this as our course catalog!  

12. Our Faculty and Consultants

There is no more important component in learning than that of the teacher.  

We have assembled an awesome group of industry and learning experts to teach our courses.  

Below is a brief list of those experts in no particular order.  

Melissa Henriksen

  • Ms. Henriksen has a bachelors Degree in Computer Science having attended University of Virginia and the College of William and Mary. 
  • She is a superb lecturer, author, instructor and course developer focusing on packet switching, routing, and internals of Cisco operating systems for the past 11 years.

Dr. Avril Salter

  • Dr. Avril Salter is a world renowned wireless architect. She has over 20 years of experience in both the wireless and computer industries. She has held executive and technical positions at small startups and major corporations, including IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola and Sprint.
  • Dr. Salter played key roles in making first GSM phone call in Frankfurt in 1991, the first CDMA deployment in Hong Kong, and the roll-out of WiMAX in China and the United States. She has worked extensively on the highly successful 802.11 Wi-Fi technology.
  • Recent assignments include work on virtualization in the RAN, device certification, and LTE deployments.
  • Dr. Salter develops and delivers IT technical training, white papers, and web content with a focus on practical implementation. Recently she authored a wireless network certification book for HP Press.
  • Dr. Salter received her Ph.D. in engineering from the University of Reading, UK. Dr. Salter certifications include Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP) Wireless, and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Security.

Andrew Walding

  • Has over 20 years experience in data and telecommunications engineering, network implementation and management, and product development of ATM/Frame Relay switching, access products, transmission systems and network management products.
  • Faculty Member and author, educating telecommunications professionals in emerging packet/cell-based protocols and technologies.
  • Has authored many hands-on instructor led courses on a variety of subjects including MPLSMPLS L3 and L2 VPN's, and IP over Optical Networks, Ethernet, IP and IP Addressing, and many more.
  • Member of the National Association of Communications Systems Engineers.
  • Led an engineering team through development and customer acceptance of one of the first production ISDN capable CDMA wireless local loop systems, based in Europe as an expatriate.
  • Led engineering efforts for an international FITL system utilizing V5.1/V5.2 digital concentration techniques.
  • A team leader for engineering design of a very large SONET/SDH broadband cross-connect system utilizing latest ASIC and optical technologies.
  • Has developed courses for the first VSAT satellite systems deployed in North America and instructed field operations staff for a nationwide service group.
  • Has five issued patents and one pending in telecommunications architectures and methodologies.
  • Directed all Field Service, Customer Service, and Network Operations activities for the North American Western Region of a major news and information provider.
  • Developed and implemented industry leading packet technologies, strategies and other technical implementations for private CATV Broadband network in downtown San Francisco.

Dave Cowendave_cowen

  • Mr. Cowen is simply on of the foremost security experts in the industry. 
  • Co author Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics
  • Expert in Unix security, Windows Security, web security and network security penetration studies

  • Extensive security experience in the following systems: Windows NT (3.51 and 4.0), Windows 2000,  Windows 95/98, Novell (3.1&4.11) Unix (Irix, SunOs, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linux, HP/UX, AIX, Solaris, Osf1, Sco, sco mvs+, etc...), MPE/XL, VAX/VMS, Primos, Picos, various older os’s

  • Experience setting up all major firewalls, VPN and router products including: multiple platforms of Cyberguard, Raptor, Firewall-1, TIS Toolkit, ipfwadmin, gauntlet, Cisco, Bay(Nortel), 3com, and Ascend, ipfilter, Altiga

  • Extensive experience with all aspects of TCP/IP.

  • Experience in installing and configuring secure VoIP

  • Experience in Computer Forensics, Product Experience with: EnCase Professional, TCT,  and other forensic tools
  • Expert Witness
  • Expert in Telecommunications Security

  • Extensive security experience with the following PBX systems including; AT&T Definity G (All  models), Samsung Prostar DCS, Meridian, Rolm-CBX, intertel, comdial, executech various older models
  • Also security experience with large switching systems including: AT&T 1aESS, 5ESS, Northern Telecom DMS series, GTE GTD5, Ericsson Axe 10

  • Extensive experience with microwave wireless networking and security, including: DSSS vs FH,  multiple licensing schemes, and Point to Point and Multipoint configurations
  • Experience with microwave wireless systems: breezecom, waveaccess, wavespan and proxim models

  • Design and management of a multi point-to-point international microwave network for ies.net

David Hamblindavehamblin2

  • Mr. Hamblin has over 25 years experience developing telecommunication and data communications equipment in both technical managerial and individual contributor roles.
  • His teams have ranged in size from small focus groups to a large international development organization. He and his teams have evaluated and implemented a wide range of technologies including:
    • TDM: high order (STS and above), low order (VT), Voice (DS0)
    • ATM: VP / VC 
    • Optical interfaces: OC-48, OC-12, OC-3, OC-192
    • Electrical Interfaces: DS3 / EC1 
    • NMS / EMS 
    • IP transport aggregation: GigE / FastE, GFP / LAP-S, STS mappings
    • IP switching: OSPF, BGP, RIP, best effort, ATM / IP / frame interworking, QoS queuing and switching
    • Network Operations Center (NOC) solutions (software and hardware infrastructure)
    • Industry specific protocols
    • Specialized controller to controller protocols (HDLC, FDDI, etc.)

Steve Head

Steve Head is a dynamic entrepreneur who offers over 30 years of professional and consulting experience in private, government, and global telecommunications providing extensive management support, team building techniques, and technical skills supporting the ever-shifting telecommunications landscape. Extensive consulting experience focused on engineering and implementation of next generation telecommunications hardware and software equipment, as well as project management and business process improvement. Well-versed in the global corporate arena with the principal emphasis on design, build and management of cross-functional teams to implement complex telecommunication and data systems, in the U.S. and Asia Pacific. Proven ability to communicate with executives and users, facilitate positive change and create viable solutions with the competitive telecommunications environment.

Over his career Steve has built a strong, multi-disciplinary, customer-focused approach to network engineering, business process improvement and disaster recovery planning. In addition; he has been the speaker at numerous telecommunication conferences and has consulted with rural independent telephone companies, competitive local exchange carriers, and enterprises on telecom network analysis and engineering of next generation IP Voice Data and Video networks.


  • Provide services focused on network design, next generation switching design, budgetary designs, traffic analysis, vulnerability assessment, project management of systems implementation, technical hardware and software audits, due diligence of assets available for acquisition, product management, product marketing, business process and procedure development, disaster recovery and business continuity planning.
  • Business Process Analysis and Disaster Recovery Planning with telecommunications companies which assisted the internal efficiency and minimized organizational gaps.
  • Assembly and management of schedules and project teams for end to end deployment and integration of products into national networks.
  • Management of Sales support and proposal preparation staff, defining business case requirements, including pricing strategy and associated financial analysis.
  • Direct customer interface, from the pre-proposal phase through final product installation and operations, to include written, personal and formal presentations.
  • Chair of the Telephone Association of New England (TANE) Network Operations Committee.

Professional Memberships:

  • TANE -Telephone Association of New England
  • TAM – Telecommunications Association of Maine
  • NYSTA – New York State Telecommunications Association
  • PMI – Project Management Institute (NH & ME Chapters)
  • SCTE – Society of Cable Telephone Engineers
  • IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (COMSOC)

Dr. Vishal Sharma

Dr. Vishal Sharma (Senior Member, IEEE and Fellow, IETE) is an international technologist and entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in networking and telecom technologies, having lead research, industry, labs, and academia, and having coordinated globally diverse expert teams. He has consulted to clients on four continents – North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and has lived and worked in the United States (on the East and West coasts) and India. Dr. Sharma has 12 issued US patents, 10 IETF RFCs, 4 IEEE Communications Magazine special issues, 2 book chapters, and over 70 scientific publications to his credit. He has considerable standards participation experience & a solid understanding of standards processes.

Dr. Sharma has also been an Associate Professor (3 years) of Electrical Engineering, having taught six courses in areas as diverse as electronics, digital circuits, and electronics labs. to telematics and advanced data networks some to class-sizes exceeding 100 students, has graduated eight students, has guided 25+ seminars and graduate course research projects, and participated in the evaluation of over two-dozen other theses and seminars.

In addition, Dr. Sharma is frequently an invited speaker/keynote speaker, session chair, panel moderator, & panelist at leading industry conferences, and has delivered 145+ workshops, talks, seminars, panels, and webinars, in the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

He is Moderator and Group Manager of the flagship Carrier Ethernet LinkedIn Group, focused on discussions of modern packet networking architectures, technologies, trends, and strategy, which has 10,500+ members from 140+ nations, and 3128+ companies worldwide, representing a microcosm of the global telecommunications eco-system.

His clients have included (among others): Fujitsu, Tellabs, Cariden/Cisco, Mahi Networks, France Telecom, Covad, ETSA/Silk Telecom (Australia), CTS Telecom, Xilinx, Cypress, Wipro, Infosys, and a number of the AM100 law firms on both the East and West coasts of the United States.

Dr. Sharma has experience in patent analysis and evaluation for investment houses, companies, and patent attorneys in a variety of circumstances – portfolio acquisition and expansion, licensing, portfolio value assessment, patent strategy, and patent litigation. His work has included: prior-art research in complex technology patents, claims review/de-construction, claim chart dissection, claim chart construction.

Dr. Sharma has performed infringement analysis, evidence-of-use investigations, technology analysis and violation, and worked on scrutinizing validity. A major contribution of his work has been enabling complex telecommunications & data networking patents (in his areas of expertise) to be succinctly and easily understood by legal and investment experts.

Focus Areas
  • Packet and optical system architectures
  • Network architectures - for packet, optical and data-center networks
  • Protocol design - routing, sigaling, flow-control, and commuciation protoocols for wireline/wireless networks
  • System analysis and optimization
  • Software prototyping
  • Network planning and algorithms
  • Wireless backhaul
  • Wireless broadband - 4G, LTE, 5G
  • Packet-core networks - L2 and L3 VPNs, EVPNs, Mobile network Evolved Packet Core (EPC)
  • Cloud-based & virtualized networks
  • Software-defined networks (SDN), and network functions virtualization (NFV)
  • Intellectual asset management