Our Complete List of Courses, Faculty, Course Descriptions and Outlines

Contained in this book is a complete course listing of all courses offered by CellStream, Inc. and the Online School of Network Sciences.  Think of this as our course catalog!  

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CellStream, Inc. was founded in March of 1998. We are a telecommunications consultancy, solving problems and educating our clients in the latest technologies.

Our primary clients are the people that help bring all of us the Internet itself, and all its associated technologies. From network and computing equipment manufacturers, to service providers, and data networking companies, to technology experts themselves.  We offer a broad set of Consulting Services.  Our consulting strengths are in inter-networking, network design, network management, network protocols, computing, and engineering, with a focus on converged voice, video, and data services over large, complex, high bandwidth wired/wireless networks and network solutions.  CellStream Consultants bring hundreds of years of cumulative, front-line experience across a range of specific technologies. From Optical to Wireless, and from hardware to software, our experience base can help in all aspects of our clients needs.  We found that along with our skills in consulting, design, and collaboration, that our experience is often invaluable to our clients. This experience places us in a position of mentoring and educating our clients, and led to development of a training curriculum.  Our enhanced Learning Services enable our clients to master technologies and processes in products and services anywhere/any time using Internet technology with minimized training lead times and cost control.  We offer a number of technical training courses [see the Courses Listing page], and we also support e-learning: check out the Online School of Network SciencesTo contact us click here.

2. Online Self Paced Courses

Our online self paced courses can save you a lot of money, plus add flexibility given busy schedules to learn and expand your knowledge.  Most of these courses are between 4 and 8 hours of total time and you can download a certificate for your learning upon completion of the courses.  We include lab and hands on exercises to practice what you learn, driving the learning experience deeper and making it more valuable.  Most of the courses allow you to take up to 30 days to complete the course!  And there are forums to send questions to the instructors.  We think you will really enjoy the Online Learning experiences we have created.  All courses can be paid for via Paypal, and with successful payment your access is immediate.What this means is they combine on-demand video learning with hands on lab exercises of various types.  

From quizzes that test your learning and reinforce key learning points, to experiments you can run either on your computer, or within the GNS3, or mininet environments. 

Practicing what you are learning is what we have always believed in.

A couple of key points:

Some of the classes are free.  To enroll in these, we encourage you to create a user here, although you can log in as a "Guest". You will see the following symbol for these courses:

Some of the classes are not free.  These classes require you to have a user account here.  These classes will provide two enrollment options:

You can pay for the course securely using Paypal.   You do not need a Paypal account!  You can simply pay with a credit card at Paypal.  Or, if you have a Paypal account, you can pay with your account.  If a course uses this enrollment method you will see the Paypal symbol.

If your company or organization has provided you with an enrollment key, you can use the enrollment key to enroll in that course.  If a course uses this enrollment method, you will see the key symbol.

The bottom line, is these are great courses that allow the ultimate in flexibility for the learner to learn at their own pace, anywhere they can connect to the Internet. 

They are less expensive as the Instructor is not physically present, however we provide a forum in each course that allows the student to interact and ask questions that the instructor can reply to.  In some courses we even offer one-on-one meeting access, all done within the online school and requiring no special software for the student.

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