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The courses below focus on Wireless technologies, and are inclusive of general wireless principles, cellular Wireless, Wi-Fi, and the emerging next generation wireless technologies that are enabling the Internet of Things.

These courses are offered as Instructor Led Web based delivery using Cisco Webex, ZOOM, or HP My Rooms, or similar tools, or in they can be delivered in person.

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There are two ways to register for our wireless instructor led courses. 

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Wireless LAN Operations and Maintenance support skills are key to anyone working in the Service Provider or Enterprise maintenance and operations roles.  This course focuses on WLAN implementation, maintenance, and troubleshooting using state of the art tools and lab exercises to practice and develop skills students can then utilize in their job functions.

Wireless LAN's present a challenging environment for secure operations.  This course is a hands-on course that examines Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) security vulnerabilities, uses tools to exploit and attack these vulnerabilities, and then discusses the mitigation approaches to allow for a deeper understanding of the issues and best practices in wireless Wi-Fi networking.  The course is a combination of knowledge training, systems analysis, with hands-on exercises using Linux based systems, designed by CellStream consultants to bring the technician/engineer, who knows a little about Security, to a deeper understanding of the terms, the tools, and the security issues. A combination of knowledge training, hands-on exercises, and hands-on experience reveals Network Security in a swift, detailed, and understandable way.

Wireless Internet Service Providers emerged to fill a competitive role for Internet Access.  This course focuses on the fundamentals of what it takes to operate a WISP or add WISP functionality to a wired/fiber network.  From tower planning, backhaul network design, planning and operational tools, to key skills, this course provides a fundamental understanding of what it takes to operate and maintain a WISP.