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4. Wireless Technology Courses

The world of wireless is a broad set of technologies and solutions.

As with TCP/IP itself, many people assume Wi-FI and WLAN is simple plug and play technology that does no require technical understanding of it's operation, just general experience will do.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

With the prevalence of wireless in the home, small business, and the emerging IoT, there is so much to learn and to understand.  WLAN issues today represent 60% or more of truck rolls for service providers and we find the level of knowledge and understanding is minimal - on the job training.  What is you could do better?  How would that impact customer satisfaction?

It isn't just service providers.  Almost all new technologies must be wireless.  So developing solid solutions with a deep technical understanding of the requirements and protocols is vital for engineers.

We offer courses in both areas.  We have grouped our courses into the following wireless technologies:

  • Wi-Fi and WLAN - these are the 802.11 based technologies
  • Cellular - 4G and 5G
  • Enabling the Internet of Things - technologies that support wireless IoT capabilities

These courses are offered primarily as Instructor Led classes, either as Web based delivery using Webex or HP Rooms or similar tools, or On Site instructor led classes.

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