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2.8. Software Defined Networking - Free and Open to all

Want to understand SDN as well as see it in action?  This course can be found on the Internet and the video lectures have been released as open to everyone!  We have reassembled and added our own assignments and quizzes to the course here.  

The course leverages our favorite SDN tool: mininet!  You will be installing and configuring mininet as an assignment in this course!

In this course, you will learn about software defined networking and how it is changing the way communications networks are managed, maintained, and secured.  This course introduces software defined networking, an emerging paradigm in computer networking that allows a logically centralized software program to control the behavior of an entire network.  

Separating a network's control logic from the underlying physical routers and switches that forward traffic allows network operators to write high-level control programs that specify the behavior of an entire network, in contrast to conventional networks, whereby network operators must codify functionality in terms of low-level device configuration.  

Logically centralized network control makes it possible for operators to specify more complex tasks that involve integrating many disjoint network functions (e.g., security, resource control, prioritization) into a single control framework, allowing network operators to create more sophisticated policies, and making network configurations easier to configure, manage, troubleshoot, and debug.

To access the course - click here.

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